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Amparo Bertram

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05:11 am: 2014 Kickstarter Game Update Week 9
Games I Viewed:
Status: Funded

This is a game in which players use card drafting to collect action, thug, and "holding" cards to become the most powerful gang boss in town. I looked at it because it's designed by the same person as Dominion, and I enjoy card drafting as a game mechanic. Unfortunately, the theme is a huge turn off for me.

Status: 87% funded

This is a hand management card game about the supply and demand of cheese production. I think the theme of the game is awesome. My main concern is the wedge-shaped cards. They look really awkward, and there are no sleeves that would fit them. Also, the humor looks a little more over the top than I prefer.

The Ancient World
Status: 78% funded

Players in this game are city-states who are trying to attract allies to join them and fend off the titans that threaten them. The artwork is impressive, and the designer has a good track record of producing several other popular games (though I haven't played any). I'm hesitating because I don't particularly need yet another worker placement game; I haven't even played all the ones that I already own yet.

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