Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Going to ground

I took advantage of the warm, sunny weather this weekend to spend a lot of time working on the yard. I spent a number of hours both Saturday and Sunday trying to eliminate some of the weeds that sprang up after the recent rain, though the result was barely a drop in the bucket. The rest of the time I spent transplanting leeks and strawberries out of pots and into the ground. I'm hoping that, eventually, the strawberries will perpetuate themselves into enough of a groundcover that they can help keep the weeds in check. I also expect they won't need to be watered as much when their roots aren't confined to pots.

The peas in the front yard have been doing great, and they are now as tall as I am. I was able to begin harvesting those this week. My gooseberry is now in full bloom, though it's a native California variety rather than a commercially cultivated variety, so I don't know what the yield will be. I dug up some yacon tubers on Sunday and used them (instead of carrots) to bake some cupcakes. Aside from the fact that the yacon oxidizes to an odd greenish black color when grated, it tastes okay. I'll need to think up things to do with the rest of the yacon, though it's actually tasty enough when eaten raw that I may not bother cooking it.
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