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Amparo Bertram

2014 Kickstarter Game Update: Week 5

Games I Viewed:
Lagoon: Land of Druids
Status: Funded

In this tile-laying game, players are druids calling upon the nature powers of the land where their druid tokens are sent. The artwork in this game is spectacular. Unfortunately, I wasn't impressed by the gameplay.

Oddball Aeronauts
Status: 58% funded

This is a 2-player card game similar to a strategic version of the classic game War that has the unique advantage that it requires no playing surface. I thought this might be good for, say, waiting in line at Comiket/Disney or playing while on a two-hour train ride to Mt. Fuji. Sadly, it would require the purchase of two decks to play more than two people, and I couldn't justify the expense for a game I probably wouldn't even play for two years. I hope the campaign succeeds, though, because it looks adorable.

The Convicted
Status: Funded

This is a cooperative game in which players are convicted criminals (possibly political criminals?--it says something about proving devotion to the king) who have been exiled and are trying to build a town for themselves in their harsh new land. While the game pieces look incredible, I just couldn't get behind the theme. For one thing, the players are criminals, which is rather off-putting. For another, they are colonizing an already inhabited land and killing off any natives ("hordes of barbarians" according to the project text) who attempt to get rid of the invaders, which--while certainly a believable scenario, based on history--isn't really the kind of goal that I can get behind. Maybe it's a less offensive topic in Poland, where the game was created?

Honorable mention:
Fief - France 1429
Status: Funded

In this game, players are nobles in 15th century France and are trying to establish the most powerful family. Ordinarily I wouldn't be interested at all in an area-control combat game, but this is being produced by the same person who put out Freedom: The Underground Railroad, so I took a look at it. The game itself is stunning, and it has reached so many stretch goals that a ton of extra stuff will come with the pledge. I'm kind of tempted by it, even though I doubt anyone would ever play it with me. I will probably end up resisting, but I thought I'd mention it in case it appeals to someone else out there.

Note: If anyone looked at Scoville but wasn't sure about backing, the base game was upgraded to include support for up to 6 players (so it's a better deal than it was two weeks ago), and a new stretch goal for pepper meeples was added.
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