Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

You can't catch me up *that* easily

Yesterday I wore one of the turtleneck/high-neck sweater vest ensembles I bought over the weekend, and socks to match the turtleneck. But, since it was cold (aside from the language lab, classrooms are not yet heated), I wore a jacket over it, so the turtleneck wasn't visible. One of my students, who is now always on the alert to how well my socks match my outfit, tried to catch me on it, so I pulled aside the jacket to show her the matching turtleneck. She was quite tickled.

One of my team-teachers told me that she's having problems with some students who are balking at coming to school due to conflicts with classmates. Since Japanese students generally don't select their classes individually the way American students do, and instead spend nearly the entire day with the same homeroom, this is a huge problem. Every school I've been at seems to have at least one student with this behavior. Some of them actually show up at school but then spend the entire day in the nurse's office rather than going to the classroom. At one school I remember sitting in on a faculty meeting where they debated whether such a student should be considered absent or not.

In more cheerful news, I finished the potholders. Now, on to the next project...
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