Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Where in the world did the week go...?

I didn't have the best week ever. It started out okay with my return to work on Monday, since Benny was very happy to see me again. However, I discovered that the county bus company that I use for the majority of my transportation is radically changing their service. They claim they are doing it to better serve their customers, but the changes make everything vastly less convenient for me. First of all, they are gutting the express highway bus that I generally use to commute to the airport. After the changes are implemented, I will only be able to use it when I'm on the weekday morning shifts; the rest of the time, I'll have to take the slower local bus. This also means I won't be able to use the express bus when I want to go south, such as for shopping or evening events. Second, the bus to the mall will have its route split in such a way that the bus stop at the end of my block will be eliminated; I will have a ten minute walk to the new route. That's a big nuisance if I'm carrying heavy shopping bags.

Tuesday I went to another game meetup, where we played Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia, a Kickstarter game that generated a lot of hype. I wanted to see whether it was worth all the excitement. It took about 30 minutes just to explain the game before we could even start playing, though complexity isn't terrible in itself. At least the explanation was a distraction while all the bajillion goods tokens were strewn about the board. Technically, Euphoria is a worker placement game, but since the workers don't actually block any action spaces (players can bump others' workers off the spaces at will), it doesn't really feel like one. Basically the game consists of obtaining goods, converting those goods into other resources, then converting those resources into points. The first player to ten points wins, so essentially it's more of a race than anything.

My main impression was that it's an okay game, but it's needlessly complicated. It has four different factions, most of which have two different kinds of associated goods, and most of them all end up serving the exact same purpose (converting into cards that can be turned in for points). Since there's not really any competition for the goods, and the goods all do essentially the same thing, WHY SO MANY? It seemed it could have played as well with only two factions. It feels like the game is filled with little wooden tokens simply for the sake of having lots of wooden tokens, I think my biggest complaint is that, while it was complicated, the complexity was all on the surface; it didn't require much in the way of deep thought. That is, the complexity makes it busy but not challenging. It's not a bad way to pass the evening, but it wouldn't be my first choice either, and I'm certainly glad I didn't pay for it.

Even though I managed NOT to spill water all over myself this time, I woke up Wednesday morning with a persistent cough. It was an annoyance all day. I was hoping it would go away, since I had used up all my cough medicine when I got sick before my trip. However, it continued all day Thursday, making me feel worse and worse as my chest and throat were worn out by all the coughing. By the end of my shift, it was so bad that my supervisor ordered me not to show up on Friday. One of my coworkers kindly offered to drive me to the drugstore so I could pick up more medicine before dropping me off at home.

I crawled into bed around 3:30pm, where I stayed for about 17 hours, only dragging myself out of bed when absolutely necessary. I spent what remained of Friday mostly huddled on the couch drinking tea. I'm just thankful I never developed any fever or other worse symptoms.

My condition was much improved today, though my energy reserves were so low that I didn't manage to get much accomplished. Hopefully I'll be back in full working order by tomorrow.
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