Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Japan Trip 2013 Game Record

Please let me know if I need to make corrections. I'm sure there was at least one day when I forgot to write down tablet games.

December 24

Games Bought
sara_tanaquil: Lost Legacy, Hanabi, String Railway
spacealien_vamp: Machi Koro, San Juan, Say Bye to the Villains, Yaminabe
wednesday_10_00: Mini Russelbande (aka Piggy-back or The Piggyback Brigade), Shephy

Games Played

December 25

Games Played
Machi Korosara_tanaquil win
Mini Russelbandewednesday_10_00 win

December 26

Games Played
Ascension (digital)
Haggissara_tanaquil win

December 27

Games Played
Morelsspacealien_vamp win
Yaminabe—spacealien_vamp win

December 29

Games Played
Ascension (digital)
Lords of Waterdeep (digital)

December 30

Games Played
Cupid's Holiday—mangaroo win

January 1

Games Played
San Juanspacealien_vamp win
Timelinewednesday_10_00 win

January 2

Games Played
Ascension (digital)
Carcassonne (digital)

January 3

Games Played
Citadelsspacealien_vamp win
Say Bye to the Villains—win

January 4

Games Bought
spacealien_vamp: Road to the Palace
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