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Amparo Bertram

The "Light Shopping" Quote List

Here is the quote list from our Japan 2013 shopping trip. Contributors include mangaroo, sara_tanaquil, spacealien_vamp, and wednesday_10_00.

We just proudly declared the absence of peanutry.

I'm planning on doing the sleepies.

I felt like everyone needed to know that my butt was sore.

My face likes to be foot-free.

It has the natural, God-given plastic cover that toilet paper is supposed to have.

Do we need your approval to go to the bathroom?

I'm divorcing you AND Denise.

I think Denise has hacked the system so she can be my only friend.

I'm just going to recklessly enter and leave bathrooms without any permission whatsoever.

Right before the depths of Hell, that's where the Starbucks is.

I have the whole Internet in my bag.

I win at sweater guessing!
--You're the only one who's playing...
--Sweater guessing is a cooperative game, so it's possible to lose.

I need a straw do-over!

I don't like my food to touch!
--Don't make it dirty!

No! That isn't what I wanted to touch!

Okay, so, when you're a book...
--When two books love each other very much...

Denise has turned really weird, after I mocked her for living in 1872.

Baby needs a new pair of...cheese factories!

Denise, can I do anything to help you? Perhaps stand here ineffectually?

There is time for sheep breeding AND washing dishes.

Nothing is dire...just my tone.

But running says we're young and free, and don't care about Denise's legs.

Deb, why are you dammiting?

Nobody wants my grip?
--...There's a joke in there somewhere.
--Everyone's already got a grip?

I love potato chips...but I'm not going to sleep with them.

Do I buy first, or do I kill first?

My bag's been eating too much...

Isn't this this "oversharing" trip?
--No, it's the "light shoppiing" trip.

Don't mangle the bunny parts!

Don't take the "Christ" out of Chrystler, now...

Doughnuts--the national food of Egypt.

Is this second breakfast or pre-lunch?
--...I think it's elevenses.

Ice can be anything it wants to be. Stop trying to limit ice!

You failed at lunch!
--I failed lunch... I'm going to have to repeat lunch.

Ugh, I just shoved my tongue in. That was unfortunate.
--It also sounded really inappropriate.

So now we know how to get to our ryokan.
--Just look for the palm tree.
--Turn left at the coconut bra.

I would like history to record that I ate at least half of the jellyfish.

I'll take my resurrected corpse to breakfast.

So you finally found the pretty shops that had nothing to do with karaoke or stripping.

I might actually take off my sweatshirt.
--Don't get crazy naked.

I melt! I'm made of sugar.

Oh, no! Tragedy! Polar bears everywhere!

Your homework is eating Cheetos.

Kelp is for wimps.

Oh, this elephant matches the potato salad.

I have to drink my Coke over Han Solo.

It seems to me the "light shopping" quote list is going to be the "sleeping with potato chips" quote list.

I hope you don't mind if I step on your head.

I bought a square of garbage and now I would like to throw it away.

I'm not looking at kitties, I swear!

Tiger and shark forever!
--...That must mean...dolphin and bunny?

Oh, Japan, you don't have any salt for me...

It's not big in the right way.

Are you, like, drunk by contamination?

It's the clown car of shopping.

Now it's grossified everything else!

I don't want there to be any chair injuries.

I hate it when my food doesn't taste as cute as it looks.

We must play games, share our feelings, and count our money in line. Suddenly we don't have enough time in line.

I have a little tiny helpless defenseless bladder. ...Again, oversharing.

Which are worse, outdoor germs or bathroom germs?
--She wore her shoes in the bathroom?
--Yeah, she'll have to burn her shoes.
--She'll have to burn the whole bathroom!

I fail at everything!
--Do you have to repeat everything?
--Yes, I have to remedial everything.

It was many, many light shoppings...which became heavy shopping.
--No, light shopping is always light shopping. Get it right.

Sara's always so self-centered.
--It's like she doesn't care about my butt at all.

There are some tall people over there.
--They aren't blocking my vision, so they can stay tall.

Stop infecting us! ...Oh, I mean "bless you."

I will still be learning in the retirement home, when I will be hiding my manga from the nurses.

Pray for us now and in the hour of our shopping.

I can definitely clean my screen without underwear.

Please forgive me for having a nose.

You are the toilet paper hero!

I see London, I see France...
--But we don't see Nemugasa's underpants...

I didn't know what had ceased to gozaimasu...

Are you comparing height?
--I think my stack is gonna be the uke.

They're all labeled.
--Oh, good. You wouldn't want to wonder who was the spleen.

It's kinda embarrassing. I think the lower intestine is my kind of guy.

Spoiler! We didn't make out at the onsen.

I hate you--because of the love!

My lady parts feel positively floral.

I think this "light shopping" weighs at least 60 pounds.

I'm so happy! I have poisoned you.

What is confusing you about the gay baseball glove?
--Who do I slash it with?

We can only hope someone comes out dressed as sushi...

Admit it, you're thinking enka is hipper than it was two minutes ago.

Dinosaurs were walking the earth with SMAP...

Do they do torch-carrying mobs at New Year's?
--Only when they're mad that you bought all the manga.

Oh, I wanna see balls...

At least stop eating the adorable sentient flying pigs!

Sara, it's your turn. Don't be dead.

Are you saying that you want Sara and Amparo to lick themselves?

Oh, God, that rope is naked!

I have fuzzy hat envy.

Mm...invisible delicious food...

I don't know if I'm making progress or just making a mess.
--I have an opinion. Am I allowed to express it?

My carryon is a ho.

I was going to buy fewer books this time...but then ME happened.

Is this garbage? ...No, it's your omiyage, never mind.

They're probably really upset about having to kill the girl.
--Oh, they made her kill herself, so I'm sure they're fine.

What happens if you headfic the brain? Does the universe implode?

Oh, he must be cute if he looks like the cow...

It's like my luggage is crying...

I share and share until it hurts us all.

Nobody's died from my carryon...yet.

Oh, my God! They're sushi! Oh, my God! The apartment is maxing! Kouhaku forever!

I really hope you are successful in finding porn kitties.

...And then it was time to lug all the light shopping to the airport. Great trip, everyone!
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