Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

A ghost of a chance

I had the pleasure of another visit from mangaroo this weekend for a board game day...which was tragically cut short due to traffic expected from the sports event being held in San Francisco. (Bah, sports. I will never understand why people watch that stuff.)

I spent most of Monday harvesting the last of my ripe tomatoes, roasting them in the oven, and running them through a vegetable strainer. I ended up with about six pints of juice/puree that should make great soup later. I hope to harvest all the remaining green tomatoes next weekend to turn them into relish, since that worked so well last year. That should be the last of the harvest for now, until I get around to digging up the oca and yacon in January.

Tuesday evening I went to another board game meetup. This time I played Tsuro (which I won) and two games of Ghost Stories (which kicked our butts both times).

I had heard a lot about Ghost Stories being a highly regarded cooperative game, so I was glad that I had a chance to try it, but it seemed far too luck-based for my taste. It felt like the decisions I made didn't really matter; or, rather, I had very few options that could impact the outcome. On the other hand, we had about two minutes of game play explanation before actually starting, so we didn't really get into the subtleties of the game (assuming there are any). For example, the first game ended very quickly because too many tiles became haunted, but we hadn't been told the rule that we could turn in certain tokens to un-haunt the tiles. Even so, the game felt like trying to save the Titanic by bailing with a bucket. That's not strategy, that's just flailing around.

Anyway, one of the people at the gathering told me about a Palo Alto group that has monthly game meetings in my town, so I signed up to attend that next week.
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