Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

A coin for your thoughts

Most of the plants in my yard are beginning to prepare for winter. Some of the trees are dropping their leaves. The tomatoes are struggling to ripen one last batch of fruit; I picked two bowls of them today, and I may get a few more in another week or two. The peas and chickpeas are sprouting nicely, and a few late blackberries are ripening. The most exciting news is that one of my dwarf kumquat trees is showing signs of producing fruit for the first time. There are only a handful of them visible, but they're the first fruit I've gotten since I bought it at least three years ago.

Another exciting thing that happened this week was that the canine handlers were all given the new canine coins. These are tokens that we get when we graduate from the canine training program. They recently revised the design and made the coins much more impressive. The neatest thing (to me) about the new design is that they used Benny as the model for the beagle.

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