Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Minding my Ps and...peas

I intended to update before now, but things kept coming up to consume all my free time.

I spent the weekend getting my garden ready for the winter. First I harvested all the slow-maturing root crops, notably parsnips and salsify. The salsify was an experiment, because I had never heard of it prior to last year. It supposedly tastes like oysters (to some) or artichokes. I chopped up my harvest and baked it with a bit of salt. I can see the artichoke similarity, though I'd say it reminds me most of burdock. Interesting, though I don't know that it has enough food value to be worth the amount of garden space×time that it requires. I cooked up a couple of the parsnips in a soup with some late-season tomatoes, and that came out really well.

After that was done, I had enough space to plant my winter legumes. I'm planting double the number of peas and chickpeas as I did last year. This time I'm trying several varieties of edible pod peas that are said to be "vining," so they will reportedly get about six feet tall. I'll be using a lovely trellis that my dad built to support them. I'm also planting two weeks earlier than last year, so hopefully the current warm weather will give them a nice boost before winter sets in for good.

Wednesday morning, my kitchen passed its final inspection, which was excellent news.

My new computer was delivered late Wednesday night, and I spent most of Thursday morning setting it up. I have some of my more essential programs working on it now, but not everything yet. It seems to be doing great so far. I spent the rest of the morning baking a batch of cookies to take to work to celebrate the government shutdown ending.

Today I'm continuing to work on the computer while also dealing with a cable TV issue that's becoming annoying. I've already put in two service calls, and I'm hoping that whatever new reset they've tried will work this time.
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