Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

From one thing to the next

It has been quite a whirlwind week around here. First of all, my refrigerator was delivered last Tuesday. I ordered a specific model based on the fact that the website listed "reversible door" as one of the features, since I needed the door to open on the opposite side. When we tried to read up on how to reverse the door, however, we discovered that the door on the stainless steel version is NOT reversible, even though this was not listed as an exclusion on the website. I called and complained to the refrigerator company for having a misleading website, but they said it was the fault of the salesperson for not knowing all the facts about their products. I called the vendor to ask that they replace the refrigerator with another model that is exactly the same except with the door opening on the other side. The manager I spoke to was agreeable, but they apparently don't carry that model in stock and would have to special order it, so it may take a while.

Anyway, aside from that little setback, the kitchen is mostly done. I'm still waiting on four custom decorative tiles to place over the stove, and someone is coming on Wednesday to show me samples of window coverings. Those will be the final details.

Here are pictures...

View from living room:

View inside kitchen:

Baking nook

Once that was done, I spent the weekend going through all my boxes of stuff and sorting out things I didn't need to keep anymore. I got rid of several boxes of old clothes, some of which had been stored away since high school. I also unpacked lots of baking supplies and dish sets that should (hopefully) fit in the kitchen now. A couple of friends are coming over soon to help me organize everything.

Meanwhile, things are going on in the government that affect me as a federal employee. I am not being furloughed because my job falls under the exemption for "protection of life and property." However, I am currently in "working non-pay" status. I will be paid up through whatever I earned as of September 30, but payment for any hours I've worked after that will be deferred until appropriations are approved. I'm not too thrilled about this, since my savings are at a low point due to the big kitchen renovation I just completed, but I should be able to manage for about two months without a paycheck if necessary. I certainly hope the shutdown doesn't last that long.

To add insult to injury, my desktop computer died on Sunday evening. I still have two old laptops for accessing the internet, but they are extremely outdated and not powerful enough for, say, graphics-intensive online gaming.
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