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Kickstarter Game Update: Week 7

Looking back: Week 6

Games I Viewed:
Sojourner Tales
Status: Funded

Players in this game roll and move around a board, and the place they stop on the board determines a story fragment they look up on a tablet or other electronic device. I checked out this project because I was a big fan of the authors (Tracy and Laura Hickman, writers of the Dragonlance series, among other things) when I was in high school. However, this game looks terrible. The roll-and-move mechanism is boring, and the process of looking up the story bits is way too fiddly.

Shadows over the Empire
Status: Funded

In this game, players use cards depicting characters in the Archon universe (a previous game published by the same company, Artipia) to win influence and control the city after the death of the king. This campaign also allows backers to add on other Artipia games for those who missed them, such as Among the Stars. I haven't backed yet (though I did pledge for Archon) because I'm waiting to see the review videos.

Status: 33% funded

In this game, players are baristas at a coffee shop trying to fill their customers' orders before the customers get impatient and leave--or are stolen by another player. I think the game concept is nice, but the title makes me shudder. (The game creator is spelling it that way on purpose and refuses to change it, despite the fact that it sounds wrong. That's like intentionally naming something "Teh Game"--you may have done it on purpose, but who would know to look at it?) Also, I'm not partial to the art.

Honorable Mention:
Drive-Thru Review GenCon 2014 Coverage
Status: Funded

A popular video reviewer from BoardGameGeek is running a campaign to raise funds for making videos of games premiering at next year's GenCon. I really appreciated his coverage of the convention this year, and I've watched reviews he has done for a number of other games. If I weren't already planning on going to the convention myself next year, I might have pledged for this.
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