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It was hard for me to stay awake at work today. Part of it is that I dreamed last night that I went to a restaurant where the only things a vegetarian could eat were salad and eggs, and I sat down with the owner of the restaurant and lectured him about how he needed to put potatoes on the menu. When I woke up from the dream, around 3:30am, my brain was listing all the different side dishes he could make out of potatoes...and it wouldn't stop... The number of different fry types alone...shoestring fries, wedge-shaped fries, waffle fries, curly fries, cottage fries, cheesy fries, seasoned fries... Ack! Someone stop me!


Anyway, today was mostly uneventful. However, there are apparently some workshops going on next week or something, because I have been asked to do three solo lessons. I'm not exactly thrilled about this. Or, I should say, I'm not thrilled about the third one. The first one is my small class of third-years, and they're advanced enough that they'd probably benefit even from an entire lesson devoted to free talk and conversation practice. The second is my fairytale class, which I'm pretty much doing all myself anyway.

But the third one is the Listening class. And here is what my team-teacher offered by way of a lesson plan: "You should tell them to study on their own."

Um hm. This is a class in which the majority of students don't even study when there IS a lesson. Do you honestly expect they'll do a whit of studying when there ISN'T a lesson?! Maybe the impending midterm exams the following week will inspire them...though I seriously doubt it.

On an up note, I spent about an hour and a half after school prepping a student to take an advanced English oral exam. We got into some really fascinating topics, particularly when she asked the difference between "blood donation" and "blood transfusion." ...I then went on a huge tangent, talking about prefixes like trans- and how she can use them to help pick apart the meaning of words she doesn't know. I don't know if she got much benefit out of it, but (since I knew she has seen Star Trek) she seemed intrigued when I pointed out the trans- in "transporter."
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