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Amparo Bertram

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04:24 am: Kickstarter Game Update: Week 6
Looking back: Week 5

Game I Viewed:
404: Law Not Found
Status: 83% funded

In this game, the players are robots whose Three Laws were replaced with crazy commands, and they must do their best to carry out these new directives as they travel through space on a ship constantly bombarded with deadly threats. I am such an Isaac Asimov fan, I nearly bought this on sight just because of the reference to the Three Laws. The only thing keeping me in check at the moment is my budget. I'll continue to watch the project, though.



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Date:September 15th, 2013 12:27 am (UTC)
I have the messenger bag included in my pledge right now, but that's because I was assuming we would see the design before the end of the campaign. I'm kind of really bummed that we haven't seen it yet and wondering if I should take that money out of my pledge. It's not like I'm swimming in money right now or something. (I wonder if there's any chance she'll post it tomorrow?)

I've backed one project that has used Backerkit (Machine of Death), and was able to add-on things after the campaign with no problem. Well, it's kind of a problem with YNAB, because I won't be charged until the game ships, so I have a random transaction that has been (and will be) hanging around in YNAB for months.
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