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Weekly Kickstarter Game Update

It was requested that I keep people informed of games that I think are worth backing on Kickstarter, since I've been spending a lot of time researching such things lately. I thought it might be interesting to do this as a weekly report, where I can also talk about projects that I looked at but didn't actually back. Those who have no interest in games can scroll right by.

Note: Any game with a Cthulhu, zombie, or other horror-related theme will probably end up completely ignored by me, regardless of how good the game itself might be, because I don't find those themes appealing. I also don't play wargames, so I don't even look at them.

Games are listed in order of project ending date.

Games I'm currently backing:
Freedom: The Underground Railroad
Status: Funded

This is a cooperative Euro-style game in which the players are working together to transport slaves (represented by wooden cubes) from plantations in the south all the way to Canada while avoiding slave catcher tokens (automated with a custom die). Characters and events in the game are based on actual history.

Defenders of the Realm: Minions
Status: Funded

This project is for sets of plastic miniatures to upgrade the ones that came with the base game. (The base game features cooperative play similar to Pandemic, except players roll dice to remove spreading fantasy creatures rather than trying to cure spreading disease cubes.) Backers don't have to order the minion miniatures, however; there are numerous add ons for other game upgrades, such as new heroes and quest cards.

Incredible Expeditions: Quest for Atlantis
Status: 71% funded

This is a steampunk-themed game that is a combination of deck building and resource management. It can be played either competitively or cooperatively (including a solo play mode). Players are airship captains using crew cards to accumulate resources that will help defeat encounter cards on the way to the eventual goal of discovering Atlantis. I love the art, and I appreciate that it has different play modes to accomodate different tastes.

Games I considered:
Status: Funded

In this area control game, players use a General meeple that has a limited number of abilities available to move around the board and summon soldier meeples on various zones to take over them. A second, fantasy-themed option will be included, making this two games in one. I'm not a huge fan of the area control mechanic to begin with, and I found the pencil and paper aspect of the game too fiddly (players have to use the included sheets of paper to write down their moves).

Chaos and Alchemy
Status: Funded

Players perform alchemical "experiments" by rolling dice to check for success or failure. A success allows a player to draw or play a card, while a failure forces the player to discard. Played cards have points, and the person who gets to 10 points first is the winner. This is a professional reprint of a previously self-published game. It does have beautiful art, but I thought that it relied too heavily on luck for my taste.

Magnum Opus
Status: Funded

This is an alchemy-themed deck building game in which the cards to be purchased are laid out in a grid pattern, and the player acquires them by playing coordinate cards (cards along the top and side rows) that zero in on a particular grid card. The object of the game is to acquire a certain number of specific ingredient cards that combine in a formula. The formula is different for each player, so not everyone is racing for exactly the same cards. While it seems like a unique mechanism, the game itself looked a bit on the dry side for my taste.

Templar: The Secret Treasures
Status: Funded

Players in this game are Templars attempting to hide various treasure tiles inside an abbey. Players accomplish this by using cards to move various playing pieces with special abilities around on the board. I thought the game mechanic was intriguing, but the theme didn't really appeal to me.

King's Forge
Status: Funded

This is a "dice building" game in which each player maintains a pool of multicolored dice and must roll certain combinations to craft weapons. This is a professional reprint of a previously self-published game. I would probably have gotten this if it relied entirely on cards, but I find the notion of rolling huge piles of dice to get specific combinations of numbers to be a bit of a turn off.
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