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Amparo Bertram

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09:05 am: Birthday Gaming Week 2013 Game Log
Here is the complete list of all the games we played during the week.

7/27—Lost Cities (2 players), Forbidden Island (loss), Pandemic × 2 (loss, win)

7/28—BL game prototype, Love Letter, Tokaido, Alhambra, Pandemic: On the Brink (loss), Biblios

7/29—Lords of Waterdeep, Lost Cities (2 players), Hanabi, BL game, Dominion

7/30—Love Letter

7/31—Arctic Scavengers (base game), Elder Sign, BL game (4 players), Pandemic (2 players, win), Takenoko

8/01—Dominion, Flash Point: Fire Rescue (loss at the last minute due to structural damage), Hanabi, The Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Forbidden Island × 2 (loss, epic win!), Back to the Future: The Card Game

8/02—Biblios, Lords of Waterdeep, Arctic Scavengers (with expansion), Alhambra, BL game, Pandemic: On the Brink (win at absolute last possible second, with virulent strain and 5 epidemic cards)

8/03—Omni-Dino × 2, Hanabi (2 players), Omni-Dino (2 players)

Good gaming, everyone!


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Date:August 5th, 2013 03:41 am (UTC)
Have you tried playing the tutorial thread? (The first couple of games are super-dumb because of the limited card selection, but it does get better.) What is really funny is that the Tutor What's-His-Name is dumber than dirt; he just keeps buying estates and losing every time. Until the boss game, when he suddenly grows a genius brain. He had like a 25 card chain in one particular hand.

I am hopeful that I can beat Suddenly Genius Tutor Guy once I've had time to replay the boss fight a few times.
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Date:August 6th, 2013 03:59 am (UTC)
I've been trying a few games, and I managed to beat the tutorial, but the regular bots all wipe the floor with me. Yeesh. I also make some pretty stupid mistakes--more than once I thought I was clicking on action cards to play them, when really I was clicking on things to discard because the bot played a Militia. (D'oh!)

The nice thing is, the games all go really fast, so maybe I can knock off some of my rough edges by Wednesday.
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Date:August 6th, 2013 04:14 am (UTC)
I repeatedly treat the moneylender like the mine: I play it, then I waste the 3 points it gains me by grabbing a silver BEFORE playing my treasure cards (thinking I'm going to bring it into my hand). Noooo! I wanted the Market! Do overs!
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Date:August 6th, 2013 11:07 am (UTC)
I've done that twice. ;_;
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