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Amparo Bertram

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08:45 am: Birthday Gaming Week 2013 Quote List
Birthday Gaming Week 2013

There are people turning into zombies as we speak!

If we get tired of playing games...we could go and see about buying some.

We may want to go grocery shopping tomorrow.
--Or Monday.
--We don't know what the state of your groce is.

It's a shopping game. It's a shopping game and a building game...but mostly it's a shopping game.

...So that they would be little Chicklets of love, and not giant boulders.

I'm pretty sure I will sleep better surrounded by the manga.

My butt is actually not allergic to kitties.

There isn't a magic match bunny out there.

Look, you're not even flat anymore!

Goodbye, bug! Your life was brilliant but short.

We'll drink all day when Deb's not here.

Our white sauce is hydroplaning!

That's what you get for stealing my garden!
--Yeah, live with the pain.

I think everybody should say, "Thus endeth my turn."

Apparently I like dying.

Sexy monks time! Sexy monks time!

I heard it as, "My nipples were drunk."

I win the "putting away the game" game!

I'm still blue from yesterday.

BL epidemic! Everyone is in love!

It would be like a root beer float--except with rum slush instead of ice cream.

Thank you for letting me cuddle your rum!

"Live lamp, and peek lightly."

I went to Connecticut and I saw FOUR different highway entrances. It was the best birthday ever.

My job is to protect the protected...and screw over the person sitting next to me.

Amparo is the desk.

There is a science to eating shared cake.

Objects in the studio may be farther away than they appear.

I want to remember the vomitorium forever!

I like it when the falafel is green. It makes me think they put good stuff in it.
--As opposed to...people?

You're just a potato amateur.

I'm picturing someone in 1852 weaving the Chex.
--First you go out and hunt your Chex...
--I'm a vegetarian! I can't kill Chex!

Are you a falafel half empty or a falafel half full?

...And now there is a traffic jam going backwards...

Emergency is over because I body-blocked the root beer.

We want to lick your body.

There's nothing funnier than bribing Nigerians!

I will get you a spatula for Christmas...and I will draw a naked man on it.

It's all in how you layer your starches...

You're gonna grow bamboo whether you like it or not!

Has the cat never seen the woot dance?

Guys, the one sober person at the table deserves to win.

Oh, I'm wooting in front of the neighborhood.
--Shall I draw the curtains so you can woot in peace?

I prematurely wooted.

Sara's copying me in advance!

Don't make fun! I'm saving Kitty!

Fire is known to travel only in straight lines--like pandas and gardeners.

Super hyper nuked! Nukier than ever before!

Yes, punish the wood.

I have the magic gift of picking up cards in multiples of seven.

Note to self: Need moat.

It seems like such a good decision, to stand on a lion...

Impressive potato feats have been performed this week.

Let's see how fast we can go down...

And just so I can completely vibrate into another dimension, I'll have more coffee.

You probably want an amount of salt in there that shall not be named.
--Hastur salt?
--Elder God salt?

My kingdom for +1 Action...


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Date:August 5th, 2013 02:14 pm (UTC)
Quote list love.

(Sometimes, even funnier out of context.)
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Date:August 8th, 2013 01:21 am (UTC)
I'm really rusty at quote listing--I didn't even pull out my notebook until late the first night, and there were a couple other occasions where I missed writing things down. Over the course of a whole week, though, I think it got to be a respectable list.
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