Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Winter in June

...Well, rainy season in June, which around here is just as strange. It was gray and damp here all weekend, even raining (...sprinkling mostly...) a bit. Since the weather wasn't very good for working in the yard, I did other things instead.

On Sunday I went downtown, where they were having the 1st annual summer festival. Just bad luck for the festival organizers that the weather was so gloomy, which I'm sure affected the turnout. There weren't many people present when I showed up as the festival opened for the day, though more appeared by the time I left at noon.

Monday I went to a neighboring town to visit a number of countertop and tile shops, looking for finishes for my kitchen. Browsing tile for the backsplash was kinda fun. On the other hand, I visited two countertop shops and two kitchen design shops, and not a single one had ever heard of doing bamboo countertops. Even when I tried to look at stone remnants for the 2' X 2' section of countertop that I intend to use as a baking nook, I ran into roadblocks because neither of the shops wanted to show me their remnants. (One told me to come back on Saturday when they would have more staff on duty, the other said their remnants were in a location off limits to the public and they'd have to carry them out one at a time for me to look at, which he implied would be too much trouble.)

It wasn't until I was at the very end of my trip and stopped in a FLOORING store that I stumbled across a small (knee-high) display advertising bamboo countertops. Unfortunately, it turns out that they don't actually shape or finish or install the countertops, they can just order the big slabs. Better than nothing, I suppose.

Today I got the official notice from the contractor that he plans to start work on my kitchen on July 9th. That's a week earlier than I expected. Now I'm crossing my fingers that the cabinets will be done on time and won't end up delaying the project. And I still have to go shopping for a new sink.

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