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Amparo Bertram

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07:09 pm: Heating up
This weekend was a lot of fun. mangaroo Came over to visit on Sunday, and she took me to the local game shop, where I picked up a copy of Lords of Waterdeep. Then we went back to my place and played a bunch of games for the rest of the evening. I really wish we had more opportunities to get together for activities like that.

Plans for my kitchen remodel are progressing. I have a preliminary design from the cabinet maker that looks great, and I should be signing the contract for the renovation on Friday. One thing I found out recently is that the reason the contractor took a long time to get back to me about the estimate was that he was contacted by HGTV to do a show about him, and he was busy dealing with that.

My garden is switching over from spring to summer. The beans have begun flowering, as have the tomatoes (at least, the ones that weren't damaged by pests). The blackberry plant is still small, but it has several clusters of fruit that are starting to color up. I've pretty much finished harvesting the cherries; I have just about exactly the right amount to make one pie. The apples are sizing up nicely. The fig tree in the front yard is sprouting bunches of baby fruits, which I'm looking forward to eating in the fall.


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Date:June 19th, 2013 03:05 pm (UTC)
I think with Ticket to Ride it depends on who you're playing with. Like, you can play a really cutthroat style and do your best to block opponents once you figure out what they're trying to do. Or you can play the way [Bad username: mereflair"] and I do, where we're actively trying not to get in each other's way.

(Depends on how many people are playing, too--the more players, the higher the chance that someone else is going to get in your way.)
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