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Amparo Bertram

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06:19 am: Last minute madness
Just when I thought I had finished planting beans, last week I received a packet of seeds that I had ordered back in March. This packet is the result of a naturally occurring hybridization between a common bean and a tepary bean that was discovered by plant breeder Carol Deppe. The beans are still segregating traits (which means that the offspring will have a lot of variety). I sorted them into eight different categories based on color and size, and then cleared out another eight square feet in my yard to plant samples of each. I'm really excited to see what will happen as they grow.

I also harvested my potatoes. I did an experiment with low irrigation this year. I only watered the potatoes four times (once at planting, once at emergence, and twice at flowering). They seemed to do very well, and next year I might cut the irrigation even further. The best performing variety was French Fingerling, with Desiree coming in second and Carola third. German Butterball was disappointing--it produced lots of tubers, but they were all quite small, so total yield was low. Purple Majesty, in contrast, formed nice big tubers, but not many of them.

The beagle retirement party went very well. (Benny loved the puppy cake and puppy ice cream!) The strawberry pie went over very well--in fact, it disappeared before I even got any. (I did get to lick a little juice off my fingers after slicing it, though, so at least I know how it tasted.) One of the supervisors complained because he didn't get any either, and he joked that next time I would have to make an extra pie just for the supervisors.

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