Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Merry berries

I haven't gotten a great deal accomplished this weekend, but I appreciate the chance to take a bit of a break. I did some weeding on Monday, but I spent a large chunk of the day playing on the computer as well. Tuesday I had a second contractor over so I could get another estimate for my kitchen renovation. (The first guy's estimate looks fair, but he seems kind of disorganized.) I also spent several hours cooking and prepping the last of my spring artichokes. (Even using my largest pasta pot, it still took three loads to steam them all.) I now have plenty of artichoke in the freezer, ready to pull out if I ever have a party or something.

I gave two of the largest artichokes to the neighbors. I think I may give them more next time. (Less work for me...)

I'm beginning to get my first real taste of what my long-term garden will be like. The trees and bushes are all still small, but they are beginning to produce enough for me to sample. I've gotten a couple handfuls of yellow raspberries, and there will be more coming over the next couple weeks. The cherries are beginning to show a hint of red. (I'll probably have to throw a bird net over the tree pretty soon.) There was a significant amount of fruit drop on the cherry tree, which is disappointing but not unexpected. There should still be enough of a harvest to cook with, though. The apples are hanging on at present and are showing signs of plumping up nicely. My biggest excitement was getting my first mulberry harvest from the tree in my front yard. (It's supposed to be a dwarf tree, so I'm hoping it doesn't get much bigger than it is right now.) Mulberries are so delicious, it's a shame they're too fragile to be sold at the supermarket. It just makes the value of having a tree that much greater, I suppose.
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