Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Popping pods

As usual, the weekend didn't feel long enough for everything I wanted to get done.

I spent Sunday harvesting turnips and getting the last of the variety trial beans planted. A couple of the ones I planted last week are beginning to sprout, which is exciting to see.

Monday morning I had a contractor come over to look at my kitchen. I'll hear back in a few days about his estimate for how much the remodel should cost. In the afternoon I planted my squash for the summer, though some of them had to share space with the cabbage, which isn't quite ready to harvest yet. I was rather surprised when I opened one packet of squash seeds to find there were only seven inside. Granted, I'm only planning on growing two of that variety, so at least there were sufficient for my needs, but that seems like kind of a ripoff.

My chickpeas, which I'm mainly growing as an experiment, are covered with green pods. The funny thing about the chickpea pods is that they start out swelled up like balloons even when the seeds inside are still tiny. They aren't like regular peas, whose pods start out flat and then expand as the peas inside swell. This makes it hard to tell when they are ready to harvest, if you are hoping to eat them green (instead of waiting for them to dry). I've been trying to look at them with the sun behind them, so the seed inside looks like a dark shadow, and I can sort of tell how big it is getting. I popped open a couple to eat the green chickpeas, and they taste really good. The flavor is quite different from other peas or beans. I'm hoping that I can catch them at just the right point that they've gotten as plump as possible without starting to dry out.
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