Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Vegging out

It always messes with my head a little when my "weekend" shifts to the middle of the week. It does add the convenience of more hours for getting errands done, particularly at places like the post office that have limited hours on the real weekend, and the bus runs more frequently for easier transportation. (The main disadvantage is that it prevents me from making social arrangements with other people or attending events that are held only on weekends.)

Nothing too exciting happened this week. On Thursday I had someone from a local remodeling business come over and give me an estimate for my kitchen. Her first ballpark figure was about double what I actually want to pay, so I'll have to see the piece-by-piece breakdown to figure out where I can cut costs.

After that, I planted three more raspberries in my bramble bed. That brings my garden to the stage where I'm just watching things grow for a couple of weeks. I spent the rest of my time getting a substantial amount of weeding done.
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