Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Spring into action

The winter gardening break is brief here. Last weekend I received a package of lotus flower roots I had ordered (though I hadn't expected them until March), so I had to scramble to find appropriate containers for planting them. Since they need to be underwater, they can't use typical pots with drainage holes. Also, they need containers with wide diameters that are only about a foot deep, conditions that are difficult to match. I had to visit two different stores before I found something suitable.

I also received my dormant plum tree and grapes, which I planted as quickly as possible. The potted bamboo went into the ground as well.

This weekend I took advantage of the mild weather to get my raised beds weeded. Cold-weather vegetables start going in next week.

I ordered small desks to use in my guest rooms, in case I have guests who bring laptops. My parents and I drove all over looking for good chairs to use with the desks. We finally found some that were comfortable and on sale, so it was a highly successful shopping expedition.
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