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Amparo Bertram

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07:05 pm: Gardening with chocolate
It was a big weekend for my garden. A couple recent frosts have finally caused the deciduous trees to drop most of their leaves, so I'll be able to start pruning whenever I get some free time. (It will probably have to wait until next weekend.) This weekend I began starting seeds of cool-weather crops indoors for planting out in a few weeks. I also took a picture of the blueberries beginning to ripen in the front yard. I estimate they will be ready to start picking next month.

Saturday my parents drove me to Annie's Annuals, where a representative from Dave Wilson Nursery gave a talk on growing backyard fruit trees. He didn't really say much I didn't already know, but it was nice to watch him give a demonstration of how to prune various types of trees. Not only did I buy a bunch of flowers and a second fig tree while I was there, I also won a free thornless blackberry in the raffle. (It's a good thing I have somewhere I can plant it.)

After leaving Annie's, we drove up to Sebastopol to visit Bamboo Sourcery. I've been wanting to get some bamboo for my Japanese garden, but everything I researched seemed to grow far too big for the space that I have. I thought it would be nice to see some actually growing, so that I would have a better idea how they might fit into my landscaping design. When we arrived at the base of the driveway, they had a sign posted saying they were closed for the day (gasp!). However, I called the listed phone number and found that they were open; the sign must have been left out as a mistake.

We were there shortly before their closing time, so we did rush a bit, but we did get a chance to stroll through their bamboo beds and potting areas. In the retail section, I came across one that seemed suited for my needs: Borinda fungosa, also known as Chocolate Bamboo. I picked up a 5-gallon pot (the smallest size they had available). Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze it in somewhere.


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Date:January 14th, 2013 11:52 pm (UTC)
So the cold snap hasn't devastated your plants?

Not really. Mainly, it's ensuring that all the trees that are supposed to be dropping their leaves are finally doing so. The more exposed vines of the passion fruit don't look very happy, but the sheltered base of the plant seems okay.

Warmer where you are than here in the east?

Maybe? I think it's gotten down around freezing at night. Most of my plants are hardy enough to take that. (If it got down to 25 or so, that would be a different story.)

What food stuff does bamboo become for non-pandas?

The new shoots are edible. I have to let it grow for 2-3 years before I can start harvesting from it, though.
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