Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Books, glorious books

This week was really exciting, because my dad completed the custom drawers and shelves along one wall in my library. The drawer fronts are made from solid oak to match the flooring, and the handles are cherry to match the room trim. The shelves and cabinet top are made from bamboo plywood, which is exceptionally expensive, but I think the lovely color variations in the bamboo strips give everything a delightful visual interest.

Now that I have some storage space, I was able to unpack a number of boxes. Here is a shot of the shelves as they should be, holding lots of books and manga. (Nothing is organized yet, though. That's going to be a monstrous task. wednesday_10_00, when is spring break...?) I'm looking forward to getting the shelves in the guest room, which will allow me to unpack even more boxes.

The new fruiting shrubs that I ordered arrived on Wednesday, which was earlier than I expected, so I scrambled to plant all the bare-root bushes Thursday morning before work. The weekend was less rainy than anticipated, so I was able to get some weeding and other yard work done. I've been collecting all the boxes that I've saved up from unpacking things, and I set a layer of flattened cardboard down in the small gap between the house and the fence in an attempt to smother all the weeds. It's a nice little pathway that would be great with an edible groundcover, such as strawberries, but I have to get rid of the masses of weeds first.
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