Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Have yourself a rainy little Christmas

I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season. No snow here, unsurprisingly, but plenty of rain.

Progress has continued on my cabinets and bookshelves, though the constant rain does interrupt the process because it means things like sawing and varnishing can't be done outside.

Most of the things in my garden are either dormant or nearly so, with just a couple of evergreen exceptions. One of note is my passionfruit vine, which produced its first flower a few days ago. With luck, this may mean that I'll get fruit from it next summer.

Yesterday I harvested my first oca tubers. I planted the oca on the shady side of the house as an experiment this spring. Though a few of them were dug up by squirrels, the plants that remained proved quite tough, and I didn't do much more than water them every week or two during the summer. The tubers taste rather like tangy potatoes. As one book puts it, they're like potatoes with the sour cream already added. Supposedly leaving them out in the sun for a few days breaks down the acid and turns them sweet, but we're not likely to get much sun around here this time of year.

I also spent most of the morning yesterday turning the last of my green tomatoes into relish and canning it. I haven't really eaten much relish until now, but the leftover portion wasn't half bad with some veggie dogs.

I ordered a bunch more fruiting bushes and dwarf trees for the backyard...probably more than will really fit. I'll find space for them somehow. They should start being delivered next month.

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