Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Everything is better with wine...and power

This weekend, my parents took me on an excursion to visit a couple of my favorite Amador County wineries. It was the release party for Frivolo, a sweet white wine that I enjoy. We tried to visit the Charles Spinetta Winery first, because their web page says that they open at 9am. However, when we arrived at 10:30, the gates were closed, which was quite disappointing. We passed the time instead by visiting some other random winery in the vicinity that was already open (where we bought some of their non-wine products). Then we went to taste the Frivolo, which was even more flavorful this year than the last time I had bought it two years ago. We stopped by Charles Spinetta again before leaving, and that time they were open. Apparently they changed their hours without updating the website.

My dad is spending this week working on constructing my book storage. His first project is a set of custom cabinets for the library. It's exciting to watch them take shape. I'll also be adding a small computer desk to the library, so someone could take a laptop in there and shut the door to have a nice, quiet retreat.

Yesterday I was surprised when I got a letter in the mail from my gas/electric company saying "Dear Customer, we are leaving your service on for your convenience." Now, I had been on the lookout for my power bill for the past couple weeks, and have been wondering why none had shown up. I get e-bills directly on my banking website, so I know the bill couldn't have gotten lost in the mail. This letter about leaving my service on made me curious--if they had been turning my power off (for construction or something) I could understand the notice, but leaving it ON?

I called the power company to ask what was going on, and I discovered that my account had been cancelled in October. That was why I hadn't received a bill. The customer service person tried to figure out what had happened. He said that he believes someone else had started up a new service (perhaps one of the new neighbors that moved in down the block) and gave my address incorrectly. That closed my name off the account for my address and put it under their name. Then they realized the mistake and told the power company their true address, whereupon the power company removed their name from the address...but neglected to put my name back on. So, as far as the power company was concerned, NOBODY was listed at my address.

A few days ago, they noticed that power was still being used here (duh), and that's why they sent me the letter, figuring it was an empty property with power being drawn for renovations or something. Thankfully, the customer service guy was very helpful and started my account up again. It will take a couple months for their accounting department to figure out how to charge me retroactively for all the power that I've used since October, but at least it will all be straightened out eventually.
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