Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Green inside and out

Not much has been going on around here the past couple weeks. Mostly I've been using any free time to work in the yard. I've trimmed most of the perennials for the winter and planted the peas. From now until February I will generally be spending my weekends scrambling to keep up with the weeds.

The house remodeling has been proceeding well, thanks to all my dad's hard work. The latest accomplishment was the bathroom, which was pale and boring when I moved in. Now it is much more colorful.

(Yeesh. Why did LJ have to change the scrapbook interface?)

Anyway, I harvested my first yacon tuber yesterday and shared it with my parents. It comes from a perennial flower, yacon (also called Bolivian Sunroot), which is related to dahlias. The flavor is a lot like a sweet, non-pungent radish. The crown of the plant can be divided every year, so eventually I will have quite a few.

Two of my blueberry bushes are flowering profusely. They seem well enough established that I'm going to try letting them produce berries. It will be interesting to see how soon I will be able to harvest them.

I've already purchased most of the seeds for the new plants I want to try next year. I'm going to give daikon radish a try, as well as a couple other Asian vegetables. I also plan to attempt a small, early-maturing watermelon that supposedly produces well even in our mild summers. Now I just have to decide on a new tomato variety.

On Sunday, megory and I spent a couple hours at the San Mateo Harvest Festival, a gathering of craft vendors. There were lots of lovely items, though I managed to restrict my spending. My favorite purchase was a knitted headband wide enough to cover my ears for when I'm wearing my hair in a bun (which makes using a hat uncomfortable or even impossible).

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