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Amparo Bertram

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12:55 pm: Wild and wet weekend
It was an exciting weekend, with friends, food, and fun. My father finished remodeling my main guestroom and library guestroom just in time for company.

wednesday_10_00 flew in from Michigan on Saturday morning, where mangaroo picked her up and took her for shopping in Japantown. My parents and I joined her in downtown San Francisco after I got off work, and we spent some time strolling around Chinatown. We did a bit of shopping there, including standing in line for half an hour to buy mooncakes at Golden Gate Bakery. (They may be famous for having the best mooncakes in San Francisco, but their business practices leave something to be desired.) At 6pm, we wandered around mostly lost until we found the hidden entrance for the event we were attending, a book launch party for Artisan Vegan Cheese. The place was tiny, but we came early enough to get chairs. They had a vegan cheese, cracker, and fruit buffet, with free wine, and they brought around plates of more cheese tidbits. It was absolutely delicious.

On Sunday morning, mangaroo joined us for a "potato feast" including such items as Hawaiian potato bread, cheesy potato casserole, potato okonomiyaki, and potato salad with chestnuts. After I left for work, mangaroo took wednesday_10_00 to visit Muir Woods, where they reportedly got more of a hike than they had bargained for.

On Monday, we all went back to downtown San Francisco for a day of sightseeing. We started by dropping by the newly opened branch of Uniqlo for some shopping. After that, we took a streetcar to Fisherman's Wharf, where more shopping ensued. mangaroo and wednesday_10_00 fortified themselves with some Boudin Sourdough bread turtles. It was a good thing, too, because we then proceeded to walk up some very high hills to get to Lombard Street. (If walking uphill doesn't leave you breathless, the view from the top certainly will!) From there, we went on to have dinner at the vegan Millenium restaurant. It wasn't supposed to rain, but we did catch a bit of precipitation on our way back to the BART station.

On Tuesday, we all went down to San Jose to tour the Winchester Mystery House. It has changed since the last time I went. Now they have little headsets with recorded explanations of various points along the tour, so the guide doesn't have to say much. The recordings lack a lot of the details that the old tour used to include, such as pointing out how the number 13 is incorporated into the house everywhere. We ate lunch at the Greek restaurant down the block, where they set your cheese on fire. We followed lunch with a trip to the Tech Museum to see the Mythbusters exhibit. They had a lot of the props from the show on display, as well as a number of interactive games. My parents tried out a swing held up by phone books with interlocked pages.

We were all sad when the time came for wednesday_10_00 to go back to the airport. We can't wait until she gets another chance to visit!


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Date:October 27th, 2012 09:12 pm (UTC)
I was there!! (Well, for everything but the irreproducible pop-up vegan cheese tasting. So sad to have missed it.)

Thank you and your parents again for an amazing 4-day birthday extravaganza (cake! mooncakes! cupcakes!), and I'm sorry I didn't realize sooner that megory's had just passed, as well.

We can't wait until she gets another chance to visit!

And we go to Alcatraz!
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Date:October 28th, 2012 05:50 am (UTC)
We were so glad you were able to join us for the festivities. We'll have to think up even more fun things to do next time.
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