Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Festivals and flavors

My parents and I have been keeping busy for the past couple of weeks. My dad is making great progress on the renovation. The second bedroom's floor has been sanded, and the trim has been stained and is ready to be attached.

On August 26 we went to Palo Alto to meet up with some of my dad's friends and enjoy the art festival. I wound up spending gobs of money on art for my house. I bought two prints from Kathleen Alexander and an original watercolor of cherry blossoms from Ronald Pratt.

This weekend, mangaroo came over, and we all headed to Millbrae for their art festival. We had a brief moment of panic when megory got lost in the crowd without a cell phone to contact the rest of us, but we eventually met up again. I escaped from that festival without spending too much money, though I did see some gorgeous tables and mirrors from Hudson River Inlay, and I might order one when my remodel is finished.

I was really excited when I was able to harvest and taste my first ripe fig. It was as sweet as candy, and it had an almost tropical flavor that reminded me of guavas. I have a few more ripening, and I can't wait until the tree is larger next year to produce more. My tomato plants are also producing like crazy, so I've been able to harvest a colorful sampling. It's fun comparing all the different varieties. I'm getting so many now, though, that I don't have enough bowls to hold them all. I'm going to have to start preserving them soon.

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