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Amparo Bertram

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07:26 pm: Summer days
My parents arrived last Sunday afternoon, and they didn't wait long before getting to work. megory has been handling the cooking and cleaning while Dad works on remodeling the bedrooms. They're both helping pick the berries and vegetables in my garden. I keep saying they should take more time off and relax, but apparently they're only doing half as much as they were at my brother's renovation, so in comparison it feels like a vacation.

Thursday we spent the day traveling around by bus. We started by checking out a kitchen showroom in a nearby town, where we looked at different styles of cabinets, particularly various mechanisms for accessing corner shelves. After a stroll through the town, we headed to the mall and looked at a couple of stores.

Friday morning I got my parents caught up on last season's Doctor Who, and then megory accompanied me to the library downtown. I've been seriously ODing on books about baking recently. I just can't help getting them, even though I only rarely bake sweets. (I somehow keep thinking that if I find the perfect recipe--like the chayote bread--it will make all the trouble of cleanup worth it and I will start baking it all the time.)

My tomatoes are continuing to ripen, and I'm getting a relatively steady stream of cherry tomatoes now. The larger sizes are tantalizingly blushed with color. I'm hoping to put together a report on all of the varieties' performance at the end of the season. I'm also excited that my squash are beginning to show signs of producing. I have a number of promising baby kabocha visible, and the other squash are not far behind.


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Date:August 21st, 2012 10:46 pm (UTC)
Is this the crop you thought you might have to pull up and replace with something else before they might have time to mature?

I don't think so...that's probably the summer potatoes. The squash are going to stay there until the vines die, since I won't need that square until next spring. I was just afraid they wouldn't have time to mature completely before the weather got too cold and rainy for them.
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