Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Farewell maize mail

I didn't get quite as much done this weekend as I had hoped, but the things I did accomplish were significant.

Yesterday I spent all morning decluttering the living room in preparation for my parents arriving on Sunday. This task consisted mainly of deconstructing the small mountain of cardboard boxes from mail-order deliveries that had been piling up for months. (megory said not to bother cleaning, but there really wouldn't have been anywhere for them to put their stuff if I hadn't.)

I worked a little bit in the yard in the afternoon, mainly picking berries and tying squash vines to the trellis. I'm starting to see female blossoms on the squash plants, so I may start getting baby squash shortly. A number of my snap beans are ready for harvesting. The ones pictured are Purple Podded Pole, Red Swan, and Dragon Tongue. The Red Swan looks gorgeous, and the plants have pretty pink and white flowers, but unfortunately the flavor is nothing special. The other two make up for it, because they taste amazing, all juicy and sweet.

I walked to the library and back in my new shoes, and I think I made the right choice by going with the wider size. The soles add a little extra bounce compared to my old shoes, so I use less energy while walking.

I spent pretty much all day today working on migrating my email. I've been using my University of Michigan email for nearly 20 years, but this spring the university made a deal to migrate all the university email accounts to Google. The address remains the same, but Google servers host the email. That means any email I want to keep had to be migrated over to the Google servers. I've been dragging my feet about making the change, but this month is the deadline. I started early this morning by going through the 1200 messages sitting in my inbox that have been accumulating for the past six years and deciding which to archive and which to delete. It took well into the afternoon, and the process made me quite nostalgic. (In fact, I'm still trying not to cry.) On the bright side, I cleared my inbox down to fewer than 10 messages.

Since my email is going to be hosted by Google anyway, I went ahead and created a Google+ account. I can't say that I'll be more active there than I am on Facebook (a post once or twice a month, maybe), but I figured I might as well toss out that info.
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