Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Solanum season

I had quite a busy weekend, though a great deal of it was spent sitting on buses.

Since I was unable to pick up my new shoes last weekend, I decided to do that first thing on my day off Thursday. So I headed out early and caught the bus that would take me to the shoe store. From my house, the trip takes over an hour and a half, so it's a pretty time-consuming errand. When I got there, I found myself torn between two different shoe widths. After debating for a while, I went with the narrower of the two, on the premise that the shoes will stretch slightly as they are worn. However, while riding the bus back, I already began to regret my decision, because they might never loosen up quite enough.

While I was out anyway, I used the opportunity to go shopping for books and groceries. By the time I got home, it was already mid-afternoon. I used the remainder of the daylight to tidy up my front yard and trim excess runners off my strawberries.

One of my accomplishments for the week was harvesting my first tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes have been the earliest to ripen. A Snow White tomato hangs out with a freshly picked strawberry (before they both become a yummy snack).

Friday morning was overcast and chilly, and I didn't feel like working outside, so I decided to take my shoes back to the store and exchange them for the wider pair. That went fine, though it used up my entire morning. I did get to use the opportunity to drop in at the Best Buy across the street from the shoe store and pick up an external drive, since I figured it was about time I backed up my computer.

Once I got home, I spent the afternoon harvesting my spring potatoes. (I had intended to do it a month ago, but I had too many other activities taking up my time.) None of the plants produced any fruits this year, but I got a decent harvest of tubers, particularly from Desiree, French Fingerling, and German Butterball. I then planted a summer crop, though we'll see if they have enough time to produce anything before the end of October, when I'll have to dig them up to plant my peas for the winter.

Meanwhile, the nightshade plants are continuing to produce copious amounts of berries. I can barely pick them fast enough. I'm going to run out of space in the freezer pretty soon.
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