Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

A drop in the bucket

I've finally written the check that will officially pay off the first $10K of my mortgage, and I'll be dropping it in the mail tomorrow. It feels like a big milestone...until I think about how much is left to go.

Aside from that, I didn't accomplish much of note this weekend. Yesterday I set out to check a couple appliance showrooms. Due to the limitations of public transit, that took up pretty much the entire day. My main take-home lesson from that was...there is no accounting for taste. Refrigerators with bottom-mount freezers are currently all the rage; both showrooms had tons of them on display. One of those monstrosities would totally drive me crazy. It just seems to make accessing the freezer ridiculously awkward. Give me a standard top-mounted freezer any day.

I was explaining my refrigerator preferences to a salesperson at one of the showrooms, saying that I grow my own fruits and vegetables and need a lot of storage space for the harvest. Then I mentioned that I would love gallon-capacity door shelves because I frequently drink milk.

Salesperson: Oh, do you have your own cow, too?
Me: ...Um, yard isn't THAT big...
Salesperson: Well, you can't drink milk directly from a cow anyway, it has to be processed first, right?
Me: O_O

Clearly a city boy.

The one productive thing I attempted was making a batch of nightshade berry jam. It was going really well...until I sat down to flip through a book while it was simmering and I lost track of time. I wound up scorching it. It's a real shame, because the color up until that point was a lovely brilliant purple, but now it's an unappealing coffee brown. At least it's still edible, more or less. I did discover that the seeds are rather bitter if bitten down upon. Next time I'll strain all the seeds out and make jelly instead. The plants are producing well, so it should probably only be another week or two before I'll have enough.

I'm definitely going to have to do a lot of work out in the garden next weekend.
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