Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Whiling away the weekend

I didn't get everything done that I anticipated this weekend, but it was productive in unexpected ways.

I already posted about my new home design software. I'm working my way through the user manual right now as I play around with kitchen furnishings.

The nightshade berries are beginning to ripen in earnest now. One or two more harvests, and I should have enough to try a decent sized batch of jam. The rest of my garden is mostly at the point where all I can do is watch the plants grow.

I didn't get around to working on the flagstones, but I did buy a new tree to replace the roses in the front yard. I decided to put in a blood orange as an experiment. The weather doesn't really get as hot here in the summer as oranges would like, but it's up against the south-facing wall of the house, so if it will work anywhere, that's the spot. It looks quite nice there, and the one I bought already has baby oranges on it. If they survive the transplant shock, I might get fruit in late winter/early spring.

Saturday I went out shopping, and I was distraught when I visited two different Lucky supermarkets and couldn't find my favorite juice. That means no stores in my area carry it anymore. I was afraid it might have been discontinued, so I went online to check, and I found that I can order it from Amazon by the case. If I toss one more item in with the order (and my shopping cart has an endless supply of items on hold), it even qualifies for free shipping right to my door. Can't beat that.

Today I mostly did indoor tasks. I nearly caught up on dishes again--I even got the stove completely cleared off--but of course that doesn't last long. I got rid of some old food that's been sitting untouched in the refrigerator for months, and there is still more I could dump. I also made three cups of pickled artichoke hearts. (I tasted one piece, and it's not bad, though I forgot to add salt to the vinegar.) There are a few more baby artichokes still on the plants, but I think I'll let them blossom. I hear that bees love the flowers.
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