Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Angels and demons...and flowers and weddings

I'm behind on posting, but a lot has been going on for the past few weeks.

On May 12, I met up with mangaroo and we went to Annie's Annuals for their Mother's Day party event. I hadn't really expected to buy much--after all, my front yard is getting near full of plants--but I wound up having to limit myself to what I could fit in one basket. (That turned out to be 8 plants.) I was able to manage this because half of them went in the back yard. We went back to my place afterward and watched that day's episode of Korra, which I had managed to record on my brand new Comcast DVR. (I was tired of forgetting to put a recordable DVD in my old DVR in time to record it.)

The next day, I spent quite a bit of time out in the yard. I already had dark brown forearms from all the time I've been spending out there in a T-shirt, so I wore something sleeveless in an attempt to even out the color so I wouldn't look too silly in my sleeveless dress the following weekend. When I finished my yard work, my forearms were still brown...and my shoulders were bright red. I really hoped the color would mellow over the course of the week. (Thankfully, it did.)

A couple days later, on May 15, I dragged myself out of bed earlier than usual to log on for the midnight launch of Diablo III. That turned out to be somewhat of a bust, since the servers were down and I was not able to log on successfully until nearly 2am. That only gave me a couple hours of play time before I had to get ready to leave for work. (One of my coworkers took the whole day off so he could play. I'm not quite that hardcore.) I had a little more time to play after I got home, but not too much, because I still had to pack for my trip to Michigan (for my brother's wedding) in the morning.

I harvested most of my early spring vegetables to take with me, since I needed to empty out the raised beds anyway to make room for summer crops. I also packed most of my homemade red cabbage sauerkraut. The color was an amazing burgundy, though the flavor was rather average. I'm interested in finding out how it will taste with different varieties of cabbage. My flight went without a hitch, and I arrived in Michigan Wednesday evening, where I stayed at my parents' house.

Sadly, I had forgotten to bring my authenticator with me, so I was unable to play my Diablo character while there. I had to settle for helping megory start a character instead.

On Thursday evening, I attended the retirement party for some of the professors who taught one of my degree programs at the University of Michigan. It was a happy coincidence that I was in the state for the occasion. No one else from my class attended; mostly the students there were from the graduating classes of 2008 or later.

Friday, wednesday_10_00 met up with my family, and we all drove to Ohio for the wedding rehearsal. In the morning, the two of us hung out in our hotel room and watched Korra (...and it's a good thing we did, since my DVR apparently failed to record anything at all while I was gone). Then the ladies all went out to a salon for professional hair and makeup. (I had mine done up in an elaborate braid/curl combo that required 58 hairpins to hold in place. It was definitely the best my hair has ever looked. I didn't bring my camera, though, since I knew I wouldn't be able to take pictures while being in the wedding.)

The wedding itself was spectacular. The bride had planned out everything to the tiniest detail, and she went with the best in every aspect. It was a lot of stress for her, but she got through it without a total meltdown, which was impressive.

I got back home on May 22 and squeezed in a little Diablo time...but not too much, because I had to go back to work bright and early in the morning. In fact, even MORE bright and early than usual. I discovered at pretty much the last minute that, due to a special training exercise, our start time had been moved up an hour. Ugh. Good thing I was coming back from being on Eastern time.

My garden didn't seem too much the worse for having gone without water for a week, though several plants had been damaged by high winds. I was most excited to see that my artichokes in the front yard were starting to produce. The largest one looks almost ready to harvest.

On Friday, I got my cable bill, and I found an unexpected charge. Apparently, though none of the customer service people at Comcast had bothered to mention this when I set up my DVR, I have to return my original box to them immediately or they begin charging a monthly fee for it. I spent this morning getting that sorted out, finding the local Comcast service center, and taking my old cable box back to them so that they could remove the charge. Since the service center happened to be in the same shopping plaza as Lucky, I dropped in for some groceries. I discovered that they were having an unbelievably good sale on their cheddar, so I stocked up. I now have a several month supply, yay!

I used the fact that the weather is overcast and cool to stay indoors the rest of the day and get caught up on some Diablo time. I'm going to have a lot of garden work to finish tomorrow. I need to harvest the rest of my spring cabbage, take out the peas, and plant my summer beans and squash. I also put in an order for several more varieties of vegetable seeds to plant in the fall. It's fun to experiment with new things to see how well they grow.

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