Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Prelude to summer

Not much to report this week. I only had a one-day weekend, so I didn't get much accomplished aside from more weeding.

There are a few garden updates. My iris flowers are beginning to bloom in the front yard. They're so pretty, they make me want to plant more, though I don't really have much more space. The buckwheat has begun to sprout. I hope the seedlings survive. We've been having extremely hot weather for May, and some of my smaller seedlings have already withered. I'm attempting to start replacements from seed, I just hope they survive without water when I take a trip to Michigan next week. At least the tomatoes seem to be holding up well so far. A couple of my runner beans from last year have sprouted and are about a foot tall already. I didn't get much of a harvest from them last year; maybe they will do better this year with such an early start.

I harvested the first of my albino beets yesterday. I ate a bit of it raw, and the flavor was more mild than I expected. It didn't have the earthiness that I associate with beets. If I had eaten it blindfolded, I would have guessed it was a carrot. I chopped it and mixed it together with some baby turnips and a potato and baked it for supper. It tasted good, but it does have the same flaw as the sugar beet I harvested last fall, which is that it oxidizes to an unattractive charcoal gray color. If I make the same thing again, I'll have to be sure to chop the beet last so that it doesn't have as much time to oxidize before baking.
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