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Amparo Bertram

The end is, the middle is nigh...

Midterm exams start in about three weeks. I was asked to write the exam for my fairytale class, which only makes sense, since I'm the one doing all the lessons.

Here were my instructions: "Try to write it so that the average score is 60-65."

<blink, blink>

Okay, so maybe I just have a totally different conception of grades...especially since the cutoff for passing is 40%, so the 60-65% range is about a C. But A) this is a class of *nine* students, so we're not talking normal population distribution curve here, and B) why would I intentionally design a test so that students can barely answer more than half of it? The point is not to weed them out. The point is to measure how much they've learned and how well they can express themselves. As far as I'm concerned, if I write the test to assess the tasks I think are important, and if they all ace it, that's great.

Oh, well.

Anyway, I've also been doing a bit of grading homework papers over the past week. Most of the time I can correct the grammatical/spelling errors without too much trouble. But every once in a while I get responses such as...

Am not I allowed to hear that the violin which you flip next to me at Christmas this year is a wish?

...At least it's all spelled correctly.

Or this: You must busy to do work. Your member too.
(This student really doesn't need to know where my mind went.)

How about: Dear Mom, I wont to be a heir dresser.
(I had a great deal of fun imagining what life would be like as an heir dresser. Being hired to pick out clothing for all the rich little noble children...)

And finally: Natto is good to absorb and digest. It make trend in bowels actively.
(I knew there was a reason I didn't want to eat natto. I don't need any active trends in my bowels, really.)

These girls can be so cute sometimes.
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