Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

All puzzled out

Not much to report this weekend, though I do feel that I accomplished quite a bit.

Yesterday I planted out most of my tomatoes and hot peppers. I'm also experimenting with eight square feet of buckwheat. It's supposed to be quick to grow, good for pollinators, and easy to harvest. I just hope it likes the mild climate. I spent the rest of the afternoon weeding. The pawpaw trees in the front yard have finally broken dormancy, which made me happy, because I wasn't sure if the winter was cold enough for them.

This morning I went on a bicycle excursion to the Lucky supermarket in Foster City. The trip turned out to be a bit too long to be worth biking there on a regular basis, but taking the bus wouldn't be out of the question--particularly if they ever have a sale on their Swiss Miss dark chocolate cocoa mix. They're also the only store in town that sells the kind of grapefruit juice I like. I occupied myself the rest of the afternoon putting together a flagstone jigsaw puzzle. I managed to fill in most of the area under my pergola, with the exception of two small gaps that none of the stones will fit. I'll have to break a stone or two into smaller pieces. Then I'll just have to level the whole thing and fill in the cracks with sand.
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