Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

March showers aren't supposed to kill April flowers

Sad garden news: The smaller of my two Japanese maple trees wilted this week. I suspect that our recent heavy rains drowned the roots. It's not completely dead yet, but I don't think it will hang on more than a couple days. The other tree was planted on a small mound a short distance away, and it seems to be doing fine. Another casualty of the rain was one of the poppies in my front yard, which was blown over by the storm on Saturday, cracking its main stem. A couple branches broke off the male kiwi plant, but at least it is still alive and showing signs of sprouting new ones.

Sunday I spent the morning clearing out the asparagus bed. I didn't get much of a chickpea harvest, but growing them was an interesting experience. After that, I spent the afternoon clearing weeds and planting a bunch of new flowers.

I'm finally seeing buds opening on both of my wisteria plants. That's exciting, because I had been afraid that one of them was already dead when I planted it last fall. My sakura tree is nearly at full bloom. The roses in the front yard are covered with buds, and there's even a flower bud on my tree peony.

This morning I began by siphoning my apple wine to a secondary fermentation jar. Now it just has to sit in the closet for a few months until the fermentation runs its course and all the suspended particles settle to the bottom. I got a couple sips while siphoning. It tastes dry and tart at the moment. I'm definitely going to have to sweeten it when it's done fermenting to get it the way I like it. As soon as that process was done, I set about starting a batch of dandelion wine. It will really be interesting to see how that turns out.

In the afternoon, I potted nearly twenty strawberry plants. I still have more than ten seedlings getting started in my living room. If they all survive, I'm going to have so many strawberries this summer, I may not have time to pick everything. I also planted a yellow raspberry in a large pot. I hope it won't mind growing there until I can get it in the ground next fall.

Once I finished all that, I harvested my first baby turnip. I gobbled it down immediately. It was quite mild, even faintly sweet. The others aren't quite ready yet, but it won't be much longer. I'll have to grow turnips again, they seem to do very well.

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