Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Blooms and buses

The rain let up for a short while this weekend. Yesterday I was really thankful for the good weather.

I started off the morning yesterday by taking the bus to the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show. I had gotten some money out of the ATM the day before in preparation for the event, and I wound up spending all of it (and then some). The first thing I purchased was an orchid that is suitable for growing outdoors. (It looks really good in my living room, though.) I already have one orchid, left behind by the house's previous owner, which is sporting a flower stalk with buds. Now the two plants can keep each other company.

I went on to buy several more potted plants, including a white-flowering lavender, and some other home/garden supplies. I also bought two quarts of orange blossom honey, which I thought I could try turning into mead. (If I don't get around to that, I can always just eat it. It has an amazing aroma.)

I attended a couple of the seminars, including a cooking presentation by Martin Yan (from Yan Can Cook). He was pretty funny, though he did use the same jokes multiple times. He passed around samples of the food he was preparing to the whole audience, but unfortunately it was chicken, so I couldn't eat it. He is apparently opening a restaurant in downtown San Francisco this summer.

It was late afternoon by the time I set off lugging my acquisitions home. Note to self: It is hard to take a bus with a 4-foot orchid in one hand, three potted plants in the other, and half a gallon of honey in fragile glass jars in your shoulder bag. It's even harder when you accidentally take the wrong bus, then try to transfer to the right bus, only to find after waiting at the stop for an hour that the bus doesn't run that late on Sundays. Good call, self.

This morning I signed all the paperwork for my new lower-rate mortgage. I should be getting the first monthly statement within the next couple weeks. Then I spent the rest of the day weeding. Most of my garden plants are doing well, but there have been some casualties. Last weekend I took the cage off the spring vegetables because the turnips were starting to look cramped. Within days, the neighborhood stray cats had used my seedling carrot patch as a litterbox, digging up some carrots and burying others. I tried to save as many as I could, but I'll be lucky if even half of them survive.

I finally harvested my red cabbage. I got one four-pound head and five baby heads.

My experimental apple wine has been fizzing along all week, and it's really starting to take on the sharp smell of alcohol. I'm going to have to transfer it into a glass secondary fermentation jar in a couple days.
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