Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Ask me anything but song lyrics

I took the button parts and some fabric scraps to work this morning and made all the covered buttons during my free period. It was actually kind of fun picking out which sections of the design to cut out to get different color combinations.

My classes went so-so. The first- and third-year students were all zombies. I wonder what they were doing all weekend to get them so tired out...or maybe I don't want to know. The second-years were on the opposite end of the scale, chatting up a storm.

I was told yet again that the students want to be asked what to do for English club. So when we sat down for the club meeting, I asked...and they said "Solitaire." Yeah, right, like that's an English club activity. So, after further questioning, they came up with a game where I would say some kind of idiom or figure of speech in English, and the three (all that showed up) of them would compete to see who could figure out the correct meaning.

It went pretty well, and I think they had fun. At least, they asked me to think up more idioms for Thursday's meeting. But they kept asking me for lines from popular songs or English names of bands. ^_^; I had to keep telling them that I didn't know any. For one thing, I don't like most English music these days, so all the songs I know are old. For another, I could try to pick some English lyrics out of Japanese songs...but with a few exceptions, such lyrics make absolutely no sense. Take, for example, "I feel so all in secret life" from one of the Meitantei Conan opening theme songs.

Anyway, I have until Thursday to think up some good lines...

Side Note: I took some hot, spiced apple juice to work and shared a little with the teacher next to me, who asked me about it. She was polite when she tasted it, but she gave me a look like, "Why would you do such a thing to this poor apple juice? What did it ever do to you?"
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