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Amparo Bertram

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08:19 am: Red, white, and...green
All of my plants have been going crazy with the recent rain and warm temperatures. The red cabbage is about ready to be harvested, though I'm a little greedy and will probably wait another week or two to let it get bigger. I've started four more red cabbage seedlings for planting out next month. They will mature in early summer.

Flowers are beginning to bloom in earnest in the front yard, mostly white ones. The calla lilies are the most impressive. (They always remind me of Quantum Leap.) The white California poppies that I planted last fall are huge and sporting multiple blossoms. Then there's the Venus' navelwort with small, lacy flowers.

I haven't seen any sign of flowers on the chickpeas, which makes me sad because I'm going to have to dig them up in a few weeks to plant asparagus. Maybe I'll plant them again next fall in a plot that won't be used so early in the spring, to give them more time to mature. On the other hand, the sugar snap peas are doing wonderfully, and the earliest ones should be ready to eat before long.

The weeds are doing just as well as my garden plants...or better. I've started harvesting dandelion blossoms and freezing them for future use. I really like deep-fried dandelion blossoms, which I first had at a potluck many years ago. I haven't decided what to do with the rest. I'm considering making dandelion jelly, though most sources say it tastes just like honey...so why go to the trouble when I can just use honey? The other popular option is making dandelion wine, but I would have to buy some winemaking equipment for that. (The equipment wouldn't go to waste, though, because I could continue to use it for other winemaking projects once my fruiting plants start producing.)

This past week I've been looking at my local county fair website, just to see what kind of categories they have for competition. There are really a lot more possibilities than I had imagined. Of course, they have the traditional categories for things like preserves, pies, quilts, and agricultural products. They also have a whole division for sustainable living projects. For example, you can enter a gallon of homemade compost for monetary prizes. There are modern technology categories as well; one competition is for writing a smart phone app.

Things are going well at work. The new handler is getting settled in with her dog. She seems to be very nice.


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Date:February 20th, 2012 08:42 pm (UTC)
Lovely photos! Thank you! The gardens here are just starting to wake up, so I'm seeing little humps of soil and tips of green. I'm worried it's too early, we will still get frost through the end of April.
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