Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Sick as a dog

Friday night, when I was driving Benny back to his kennel for the evening, he suddenly became very ill. I carried him to his bed in the kennel, because he didn't want to move from the car, and he didn't even look at his bowl of food. I knew something had to be terribly wrong; it wasn't just a case of motion sickness from the ride.

I wound up taking him to the emergency vet clinic; later, my supervisor said that probably saved his life. After running a number of tests on him Saturday, they determined that something had affected his liver. They suspect that he ate something toxic from the floor at the airport, probably medicine dropped by a passenger. They gave him fluids for the dehydration and antibiotics for the liver infection. He was much improved by this morning, and he's now back on solid food.

I'm just glad that I was there when his symptoms turned bad. If it had been just five minutes later, after I had dropped him off and left for the weekend, he might not have made it through the night.

Aside from sitting around fretting about how Benny was doing, I mainly spent my weekend working on the yard. Yesterday I weeded the raised bed where I'll start planting the early spring vegetables in about three weeks. My peas are just starting to show signs of flowers, which is nice to see. Today I transplanted my two kumquat trees from their pots to the front yard. I'm hoping they'll do better there with more room to spread their roots without competition. Maybe next year I'll actually get fruit from them. My loquat tree, which was looking very ratty after it experienced severe transplant shock in the summer, is finally sprouting new leaves. I'm hoping that means it's on the road to recovery.
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