Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Nice weather we're having

We've had a surprisingly nice stretch of warm, sunny weather. It has felt more like July than December. I was able to take advantage of it to get quite a bit of yard work done--mainly more weeding. I got the chickpea bed weeded, which took nearly two full days in itself. Then I weeded the kiwi plants, which were being strangled. The poor things are losing their leaves for the winter, so they look terrible. I hope they leaf back out in the spring.

Speaking of things with no leaves, I planted two bare root apple trees in the back yard. I'm hoping that my area gets enough winter chill for them. One of the varieties was developed in California, and it should be okay in this climate, but I'm not sure about the other. I guess I'll find out in a few months.

I finally planted a number of artichoke seeds, and their pots are sitting in the living room. No sign of sprouts yet, but I hear they're notoriously difficult to get established.

I made a batch of grape-pomegranate jam a few days ago, which was pretty interesting. If I were to make it again, I'd probably add more sugar and cook it a few minutes longer, but it's not bad. I used the grapes that I had on hand from my CSA box, which were a red seedless type. It could be fun to try different varieties of grapes, once the pomegranate bush in my front yard begins producing fruit.

Indoors, I managed to move one of my Millbrae bookcases to the living room and fill it with my cookbooks and DVD collection. The place looks more homey with book-laden shelves on display, that's for certain.

It was an unusual week at work, as well, beginning on Tuesday, when the drain in the floor of the kennel where Benny stays at the airport began spewing raw sewage. (I moved Benny to a different kennel when we noticed the problem.) It was pretty disgusting watching the puddle of brownish yellow water with wads of toilet paper expand to cover the floor and spill out into the hallway. And lucky me, it happened to be my week to wash the kennel. @_@

Wednesday was fun, though, because we got to do our training on a 747. Benny loved running around inside the airplane, climbing up and down the stairs and scampering all over the first class seats.

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