Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Blinds and blueberries

My custom window treatments were finally delivered today, and the ones for the sliding door were installed. The ones for most of the windows will be the same pattern woven bamboo, though they won't have the large valence at the top. The two shades for the guest bedroom are a different style, chosen to match the Hawaiian bedspread that I bought for (what will eventually be) the guest bed.

Not much more to report. I dug up the potatoes, though I didn't get a very large harvest. Considering the poor condition the seed potatoes were in when I planted them, it's a miracle I got any harvest at all. I'm hoping that the ones I plant in the spring will do better, particularly since by then the soil should be in better condition, with fewer weeds for competition.

One of my blueberry bushes in the front yard has apparently gotten confused into believing that it's spring, because it just started blooming. It's a shame that I have to pick all the flowers off for the first two years to allow the roots to become established, because they're really pretty.

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