Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Stepping out

I've continued to work on landscaping my yard. The raised beds are finished, and I've started planting things in them, though mostly experimental items, since there isn't much summer left. I planted out what remained of my seed potatoes from the spring; I'll be lucky if they have enough oomph left in them for a fall crop. I harvested my spring crop of potatoes, and though it's not a fantastic yield, it's not bad considering the plants had to suffer growing in containers on a crowded balcony, not to mention a rough ride in a moving truck.

I was surprised one morning to wake up and find that my female kiwi plant had been dug completely out of the ground. I managed to re-plant it, and it doesn't seem to be any the worse for the experience, at least so far. It turns out that there are several families of skunks that roam the neighborhood. Two families live on properties adjoining mine, and they can get through holes in the fence. One skunk family lives in a hedge across the street, and megory heard that the people there leave out food for the skunks as if they were pets. @_@

I've made a lot of progress clearing out the plants I don't want from the foundation beds in the front yard, though there is still more work to go. I got rid of so many snails, it's not even funny. (That picture is only a small fraction of the colony.) My dahlias are finally starting to peek out from the least a couple of them. I hope they do all right.

I'll be taking a break from the yardwork this month for a trip to Tokyo with friends. While I'm gone, my parents will be working on the interior of the house. Projects include adding insulation, re-wiring, smoothing out the textured walls, and painting.
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