Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

The Circle of Life

On Monday the 2nd, I took the train down to San Jose to meet up with gnine, xparrot, and their parents. We went on a tour of the Winchester Mystery House, which was designed by the widow of the man responsible for the Winchester rifle. The inside of the house is a crazy labyrinth, with stairs that dead-end at the ceiling, windows that face walls, and doors that open onto nothing but air. (You can see the "door to nowhere" on the right side of the photo.) After lunch we ate at a nice Mediterranean restaurant (where they set my cheese on fire!). They drove me back to my apartment, where gnine and xparrot stuck around for a few hours to share some TV watching and manga recommending.

Other than that, nothing much has been happening around here. Well...technically, it's life and death out there, but I can watch it from the comfort of my living room. Out on my balcony, the ladybug larvae have started feasting on the aphids. Yay for beneficial insects! In addition, a bird has recently built a nest on the light fixture right outside my front door.

I guess it's just that time of year...
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