Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Odds and ends

I haven't updated in a while, mainly because nothing much has been happening around here. Work has been going smoothly. Benny is getting accustomed to his job, and he's doing well finding contraband. Thursday was our "bring your kids to work day," a tour that utilizes the Beagle Brigade as the grand finale. The kids love getting a chance to pet a bunch of cute dogs. The other out-of-the-ordinary occasion is that I was asked to do a Japanese translation via teleconference for someone in New York. I'm really surprised that they couldn't find someone with better Japanese skills than mine in New York...or on the East Coast for that matter...but maybe they were all busy? Anyway, it went well enough.

More frustrating news is that the bank has sent word that they don't want to finalize a sale contract for the house I'm trying to buy until the end of May. I suspect that they've realized they can't get a higher purchase price, so they're trying to squeeze some money out of the current owner while it's still in their hands. I'm just hoping that they'll stick to the date they specified and won't change their minds again.

On the bright side, the weather is warming up, and my balcony garden is doing well. Strawberry blossoms are starting to appear in profusion. The oregano is going crazy, as is the mint. Two of the scarlet runner beans survived the winter and are sending up nice vines. The tomato has several clusters of flowers. All five of my potato varieties have finally poked leaves above the ground, with the German Butterball leading the pack. Hopefully they'll be ready for hilling by next week. Even my little Rodney fuchsia has produced a few berries. (I ate a couple. They aren't bad, but they don't taste as berry-like as I'd expect. They actually taste a bit like raw corn.)

Today I'm meeting up with gnine and xparrot, who were in the area for a wedding.
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